Bring everyone together

Let your users choose how they connect to their meetings. With native any-to-any interoperability, it is easier than ever to bring everyone together.

Univago allows users to connect calls from a variety of access points including legacy room systems, Lync, Skype, and a variety of web, audio and mobile devices.

Intuitive experience

Simple collaboration tools lead to higher user adoption and better communication. Univago was built with the user in mind and is a fully self-serve experience accessed through an easy to use web portal. Find everything you need for provisioning, scheduling, meeting and supporting your users in one place.

Lower data consumption

Cut down on the bandwidth and bottlenecking that result from large scale video usage forced to use the Internet. Univago is available in a unique hybrid deployment to maximise the quality of your meeting experience while optimising bandwidth consumption.

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership of deploying a successful video collaboration solution. Our subscriptions are flexible and simple to adjust over time, allowing you to fully control your costs. As your need for meeting resources increase, add more users to your subscription, rather than invest in additional hardware that will become obsolete over time.

Improve quality & security

Unlike other cloud services, we give you the option to choose between using the public Internet, establishing a private secure connection to our data centres or even keeping your calls on your private network.

A properly designed solution provides you the quality and security you and your user expect. Whether using your company's network or the Internet, Univago provides the ability to have a successful meeting in the secure environment you want.

Available Services & Options

Univago offers features you can't get elsewhere:


Univago Virtual Meeting rooms are the ultimate personal meeting space for everyone to easily connect and communicate.

Enterprise Gateway

The interoperability service that finally provides the everyone to everything solution enterprises need.

Virtual Receptionist

Create the secure doorway to your private environment.

Customised Branding

Make sure callers know who they’re talking to by showing your brand.

Univago Deployment Architectures

It doesn’t have to be done over the Internet. Choose the Univago architecture that’s right for your business.

Take your collaboration to the next level with Univago.

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With Univago, it's easier than ever to deploy, provision and manage your enterprise video collaboration solution