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39% of employees believe that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. Whether you are in HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Operations or the Supply Chain, Univago will make your meetings more efficient, simplify cross team communication and increase business agility.

Improve Your Workflows

Integrating video collaboration into your company's business workflows will improve performance and result in better productivity. Regardless of your existing environment, the Univago platform can integrate and enhance your collaboration experience, letting you work more efficiently.

Remove Barriers

Silos of collaboration tools create barriers, making it difficult for global teams to communicate. Univago’s global platform removes barriers by enabling interoperability between tools like Skype for Business O365 and any of your existing video systems for a secure and consistent meeting experience for all of your users.

Simplify Your Collaboration

Provide your users with a high quality meeting experience from anywhere on any device. Ease of scheduling and 24/7 global resources will increase video adoption and use, extending the life and investment of your video estate.

Enterprise Gateway

Univago Enterprise Gateway facilitates direct communication between disparate video collaboration protocols. For example, you may need your room systems to communicate with Skype for Business O365 users. With Univago, Skype users will be able to call directly into a legacy H.323 or SIP MCU or call a legacy room system as if dialing another Skype user.


Meet when and where you want, a Univago URoom is your personal virtual meeting room (VMR) that is always available for collaboration. Invite participants by sending them a calendar invitation or email. Within seconds your team will be sharing HD video and content regardless of their location, application or device. Try it out!

Virtual Receptionist

The Univago Virtual Receptionist provides a secure doorway into your organization’s existing H.323, SIP, or Skype conferencing environments via a virtual attendant interface for dial-in and call routing. The IVR consists of brandable video prompts for your users to enter a numerical ID that forwards their call to one of your organization’s destination devices.

Deployment Architectures

Choose the Univago architecture that’s right for your business. Univago services can be accessed through the public cloud or a private MPLS to help you maximize the quality of your in-call experience while optimizing your business' bandwidth consumption.

Customized Branding

Customize the look and feel of the Univago web portal, videoscreens and the Web RTC Client with your company’s logo and color scheme. Additionally, you have the option to add your branding to the Univago PC and Mac clients.

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