Test Your Video

You can quickly test your audio and video prior to placing your first call so you can see how you'll look and sound to others.

To make a call with your web browser click HERE

To make a test call with the PC client, S4B/Lync or a Room System, dial


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Quick Start Guide [English] / [French]

End User Guide [English]

Administrator Guide [English]

Optimizing Your Univago Experience [English] / [French]

Using Lync / Skype for Business with Univago [English] / [French]

Outlook Add-in User Guide [English] / [French]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a URoom?

A URoom is your personal virtual meeting room. Guests can join you in your URoom VMR to share HD video, audio, presentations, documents and chat.

Q. How do I invite participants to a call?

You can invite participants via the web portal, email, chat or via the “Add a new participant” option under the host controls while in your URoom. When using the “Add a new participant” feature, only IP based clients can be called. This means anyone using a standard telephone on the telephone network can not be called.

Q. What is the recommended internet browser to use for Univago meetings?

We recommend using Google Chrome for your Univago meetings, but Univago is designed to work with any WebRTC or non-WebRTC browsers. Using non-WebRTC browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari uses a Flash Plug-in and requires the use of a headset to avoid audio feedback and echo issues.

Q. Can I make calls from the browser on my mobile device or tablet?

We recommend using the available apps on IOS and Android to join meetings on your mobile devices and tablets. Android devices with the Google Chrome browser are capable of accessing Univago services through the mobile browser. IPhones and IPads can access the Univago web portal via the mobile browsers, but the devices do not support Flash, which means you will not be able to join a meeting in the browser on these devices.

Q. Can I join a meeting without a camera?

For the best experience, we recommend joining the meeting with a USB camera or integrated camera active. If you do not have a camera you can still join a call to see other users’ video, shared content and audio.

Q. Is there an Outlook Add-in available for Univago?

Yes, please refer to our downloads section above.

Q. Can I share content with Lync or Skype Users?

Yes, with Univago content can be shared across multiple platforms including Lync, Skype for Business and standards based room systems.

Contact Support

If you are experiencing issues please contact our technical support group for assistance.


Toll Free NA: 1 877-212-2606

Toll Free UK: +44 0 800 097-4137

International: +1 605-610-1251